GenX i Media Private Limited


We're a team of 16 people based in Noida. We are a group of creative and fun-loving
people, where everyone is unique in his or her own way. Half of us work on the product (designing and coding),
and the other half work with the community. We're split 50:50 on tea drinkers
versus coffee drinkers. The tea drinkers are the nicer ones.


From the outset, Innovation has been part of GenX i Media. That means being surrounded by bright, interesting people working together on new and exciting projects. It means trying to find new and better ways of doing things. And it means enjoying a career with extraordinary opportunities and enormous potential.

Team Spirit

GenX i Media is a place where different people come together as one team, get creative and deliver results. Everyone here works together to achieve a common goal in creating better change for our clients. But we also respect each other’s individuality. Because that’s what adds value to the team.

Happening Moments

Your idea of fun can be anything funky, we’ve got it covered. Maybe you like Sports or Partying. Movies and Theatre. Diwali or Eid. Biryani or Chaat. We’ve got whatever rocks your boat. The stage’s set, the podium’s raised. All of it starring, You!